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Dynablade appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl 2:The Legend of Diddy Kong as a story mascot, returning boss, and PLAYABLE CHARACTER!

Brawl 2 Edit

Dynablade is playable in SSBB 2. She is sized on a smaller scale, but still bigger than the average brawler. About the size of 2 and one half Bowsers. Dyna is very quick and does sharp attacks. Her final smash is "Blade Wings".

Stats Edit

Highest stat-100
POWER RATE=4% (Per Attack)
FINAL SMASH-Power=88%-Fastness=74%-OVERALL=66%

Final Smash Edit

Dynablades final smash is Blade Wings. She cuts the air creating a sort of "Cresent Moon" shaped wind cutter, firing at all of the foes.


Dynablade's "Final Smash" Look