five nites at memes is the greatest fanon game ever. it's b eing developed by xXx_42069_doritoes_mtndew_HungryMerqueGames_XxX for the wii. it will have pepe the froge, shibe the doge, bigley the bird-dragon-bug-ridley-thing, sanic heghog, and the secret animetronic wirt the wolf.

the game will be relized on 4/20/16 at 6:09 pm. the game will cost $42.69 and it will have dlc for a sequel and possibly a third game.

gameplay Edit

you sit in a dank chair and you move around with the nunchuck. to open the tablet. presd the b button. to change cameras, press the d-pad. to control the doors and lgiths, go to the door or light you want and press 1 for the door and 2 for the lights. to change the volume press the plus or minos button. press the a button to make a freddy honk noise.

analmatronics Edit

pepe the forge- appaears on night 1. he is like feddy fazebear and barely moves. he suings darude sandstorm if you run out of power.

shibe the doge- appears on night 2. acts like foxy the pirate fox and you can keep him away if you have the shibe bone dlc which causes him to act like the other animatronics and only runs out in a 1 to 50 chance.

bigleyu the bird-dragon-bug-ridleu-thing- appears on night 1. he is chica. he has a mountain dew in his hand on the stage

sanic heghog- appears on night 1. acts like bonny. he is the least interisting. dont choose him f0or smash

wirt the woflf- a secret animetronic like gold freddy,. he can be discoverd in the cam 2b and the code in custom night 1/1/0/3. he crashes your game and if you have a 3d printer he prints out potatoes and molasses. he does the same thing but in 2d if you use a printer. this printing option is only available on the computer version.

Wirt the Wolf