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In Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Video Game to unlock a saga you must finish the saga before it and each saga has a hub and after finishing a saga you unlock a place in the second level for the hub to do the saga's bonus level.

The Malevolence SagaEdit

The Malevolence Saga's hub starts in a Republic Cruiser where you can access Rising Malevolence then get in a ship to go to space and access Shadow Of Malevolence then board the Malevolence to start Destroy Malevolence then you get the Balmora Run.

Rising MalevolenceEdit

Rising Malevolence is the first level of the Malevolence Saga and is accessed in the Republic Cruiser

Clip 1Edit

Here the Republic ship gets hit with the ion cannon so Plo Koon and his men run to the escape pods.

Minigame 1Edit

Here you have to figure out the correct combination in time to power the escape pods and open them

Clip 2Edit

All 3 escape pods launch and the first 2 are destroyed now they are coming into the pod.

Area 1Edit

Here you have to fight off 15 Battle Droids and 5 Super Battle Droids

Clip 3Edit

Now Plo Koon and the remaining 3 Clones are in the asteroid field jumping to the Twilight

Minigame 2Edit

Now you have to reprogram R2-D2 with the corecct button then activate the panel with the correct combination but the remaining time for R2-D2's Reprogram for Panel Activation.

Shadow of MalevolenceEdit

Shadow Of Malevolence is the second level in the Malevolence Saga and is accessed in Space.

Clip 1Edit

The Clones,Anakin,and Plo Koon are all flying to the Malevolence to destroy it but when Plo Koon hears they are going through the Balmora Run he wants to turn around and go back

Area 1Edit

The Clones,Anakin,and you are in the Balmora Run just avoid getting killed and get to Area 2

Clip 2Edit

The Republic Clones and Jedi have arrived to fight

Area 2Edit

Now you have to pass the Vulture Droids and get to the Malevolence

Area 3Edit

Get past the Vulture Droids and get to the boss

Boss ClipEdit

Like in LEGO Batman The Video Game you see the boss and it says his name by the bottom of the screen this Saga's ship boss is MALEVOLENCE ION CANNON

Boss BattleEdit

At the begining of the battle Vulture Droids are coming to you then take out 1 3rd of its health

1 3rd is gone and now the Malevolence is fireing at you but when you are in range it will fire the ion cannon but it will have to recharge

2 3rds are gone now and Anakin has been shot away so now your solo but renforcments have came to defeat more Vulture Droids

Destroy MalevolenceEdit

Destroy Malevolence is the 3rd and last chapter in the Malevolence saga

Clip 1Edit

Here Padame is boarding the Malevolence (because of the tractor beam)

Minigame 1Edit

Here you have to copy the pattern before time runs out to start the self destruct

Clip 2Edit

The self destruct goes of but Grevious escapes

Area 1Edit

Now you play as Padame have to get to Anakin

Clip 3Edit

Now Anakin and Padame find the elevator defeat all the droids and start rigging the navi-computers

Minigame 2Edit

Now you have to do the same thing as minigame 1

Clip 4Edit

Anakin and Padame clear the room and droids come in thinking the navi-computer is fixed so they can leave

Area 2Edit

Now you and Anakin have to get to the Twighlight and wait for Obi-Wan

Boss ClipEdit

This Saga's character boss is Grevious

Boss BattleEdit

Now you and Grevious are fighting but take 1 3rd of his heath away to get to the next part.

1 3rd is took away and now droids are helping Grevious

2 3rds of his heath are took away and now clones are taking on the droids but droidekas are now here taking you on and Grevious is now randomly switching sides

Malevolence Saga BonusEdit

Unlocked after Destroy Malevolence and accessed in the Balmorra Run


There are no clips,3 parts,and 2 boss battles with 1 3rd of normal boss health

Area 1Edit

Here you have to defeat 5 Battle Droids,5 Super Battle Droid,5 Vulture Droids,and 5 Droidikas

Boss Battle 1Edit

You have to defeat a magnagaurd starfighter

Boss Battle 2Edit

You have to defeat a Comando Droid

This took a while infact I was up after 2:00 AM.Please Finish this somebody.
Note:A sags must have at least 2 levels,1 ship boss,and 1 character boss and to see how to
write the saga look up.

The sagas that work are

Ryloth Saga

The ZIlo Beast Saga

I suggest puting the saga information with a walkthrough on this page then deleating it
above this boxish thing and using sagas with ship bosses from season 3 when it premiers fall
2010 and in the bonus you should have to defeat each enemy encountered in the saga,a ship
enemy from the next saga and a ground enemy from the next saga.