Star Wolf is a Rated T spin-off for Wii to Star Fox, and takes place between Adventures and Assault. This is the story:

Several days after the events of Star Fox Adventures, Wolf O'Donnell and his team decided to join the ranks of a bounty hunter core, known as Star Jackal, lead by Dr. Jack Mastrill, a jackal with an IQ of 300, and founder of the core, who housed an army of Drones. The core was divided by 2 groups: the Hunters Group and the Assault Group. Wolf, Panther, Pigma, Leon, and Andrew Oikonny joined the Hunters, where their first mission on the core was to capture General Pepper, who Mastrill held a grudge on.

Wolf and his team flew to Corneria, where they held off the Cornerian Army, and searched for their home base. On the way, Bill Grey shot down Wolf, and he was stranded on the beach. Wolf found a mechanic, who help him by finding tools he lost. When he fixed his Wolfen, Star Wolf had already captured General Pepper, but Wolf's Wolfen started finaging on the way back to Star Jackal Mothership.

On the Great Fox above Corneria, Fox McCloud sent a distress call to the Cornerian Army, since they were on a scout mission to Sector Y. The Cornerian Starships arrived to attack Star Wolf. Dr. Mastrill tried to help, but was under attack. Wolf couldn't help him, with the words: "Why should I help! Save yourself!" Mastrill was pulled into a tractor beam. In the Conerian Starship days later, Mastrill decided to plot his revenge, in belief that Wolf betrayed him. Some of his Drones were held captive, and he escaped to release them. He took over the ship, and set it's attack course on Wolf's homeworld of Hariano. When Star Wolf felt grief, they always landed on Hariano. Mastrill attacked Hariano, and soon a war between Star Jackal and Star Wolf occured, leading to catatrophic events, with Pepper escaping, Oikonny battling a phantom version of his uncle Andross, Wolf and Leon spacewalking into Mastrill's ship, etc. Soon Wolf and his team lead a final strike on Mastrill, ending his malevolent ways forever.

This is the First Star Fox spinoff, as well of the introduction of new characters, and the introduction of the spacesuit. It's the only Star Fox for Wii, and cones with a new peripheral: Wii Joystick, which uses the nunchuck inside the stick, with the Wiimote in the base.

Controls: Joystick: Steer, move character

Control stick: aim, first person view

E button: Blaster, missiles

C button: Fire in starfighter

F button: Smart Bomb

Z Button: Jump, barrel roll

+ button: pause

Home: enter the home menu