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The Wii SD is a video game console released on December 1, 2018 in Australia. It has 2 variations (Wii Sports Resort & Jenga) and is a stripped down version of the Wii. The secret to the sales is the Jenga version. The box is a Jenga style box with Wii SD in White with no outline in the word Jenga. It is $50 Australian, and only has a HDMI port. It will also have games not released Worldwide become worldwide and with better graphics. A better version was released January 1, 2019 worldwide. This will be phased out by the Nunchuck Plug n Play system on January 11, 2019.

Lacks Edit

It lacks:

  • Internet
  • Gamecube Compatability
  • Wii Compatabilty (Has it’s own games)
  • Wii U Compatability
  • Nintendo Switch Compatablility
  • Wii Channels
  • Pretty much everything

Games Edit

Game Release Date Locations Launch Title?
Wii Sports Resort 1/12/18 Australia Yes
Jenga 2/12/18 Australia

North America

Mariokart 9 5/12/18 Australia

North America


Yakuman 10/12/18 Worldwide Yes